Consultancy Services For Feasibility Study, Preliminary & Detailed Designs and Preparation of Tender Documents For the Vihiga Cluster Sewerage Projects (Mbale, Chavakali, Luanda, Kaimosi and Maseno


Lake Victoria North Water Services Board.


Vihiga County


March 2018 – June 2019

  • Study and review of existing water and sewerage facilities
  • Study for sanitation requirement for Vihiga Cluster sewerage supply areas
  • Propose wastewater treatment approaches/technologies for stakeholder review
  • Design suitable wastewater treatment facility (ies) for Vihiga Cluster supply areas
  • Management and control measures for the designed wastewater treatment facility (ies)
  • Preparation and presentation of reports to stakeholders
  • Preparation of Tender Documents, EIA and RAP reports and Engineers estimate
  • Prepare and execute processes of land and environmental issues to the extent of achieving agreements and relevant licences.