Meet the team

Abraham Owiro

Director of Transport and Infrastructure



Engineer Abraham Owiro is the Director of Transport and Infrastructure at East African Engineering Consultants Ltd. He is a registered engineer with 30 years experience in the engineering field having worked as a project director, project engineer, resident engineer and a materials engineer.

Eng. Owiro holds a masters degree in Civil Engineering from University of Canterbury, New Zealand and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Nairobi University. For the past 28 years, Eng. Owiro has undertaken supervision of several construction works as a Resident Engineer/Materials Engineer in major road projects financed by major bilateral and multilateral development partners such as the World Bank, ADB etc for Governments in the African region.

Dr. David Stower

Executive Chairman


Dr. David Stower

Dr. David Stower is the Executive Chairman of East African Engineering Consultants Ltd and a Senior Professional Fellow in the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi.He undertook undergraduate studies at the University of Nairobi and later postgraduate studies at the University of Newcastle upon time in England. He has had an illustrious 34 years, career in the civil service sector, starting as an assistant engineer in the then, Ministry of Water Development, working his way to become the Director of Water Development. He later worked in several ministries in the Kenya Government, finally retiring as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in 2013.

He also has over 35 years experience both in the public and private sectors and has undertaken water sector policy and Institutional reform, institutional capacity development; climate change adaptation and resilience initiatives and strategies; low cost and appropriate technology applications in informal settlements; Sustainable ground water development; development of water master plans at national and regional levels and project formulation and design implementation.

He also brings leadership skills in government/donor negotiations, co-ordination of multi-sectoral socio-economic programs in developing countries; Liaison with key stakeholders in the water sector including non-governmental organizations on implementation of pro-poor community programmes; Water storage infrastructure planning and development and management of urban water utilities.

He has experience in public, private partnership (PPP’s) transactions for utilities. He is a fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya and a professional engineer.

Caleb Murila



Engineer Caleb Murila

Eng. Caleb Murila is a Director at East African Engineering Consultants Ltd.